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Outsource Medical Billing Services - Maximize your receivables

Offshore Medical Billing offers secure and affordable medical billing and coding services. We provide HIPAA complaint medical billing services, medical coding, insurance claim processing and medical transcription services to the medical facilities.

There are many outsourcing medical billing and coding companies offering a range of services. But when it comes to your medical billing and coding don't trust it to just any medical billing firm. At Offshore Medical Billing offer their medical billing and coding as well as medical consulting services to around the globe.

The spectrum of our medical billing & coding related solutions:

Why practitioner outsource medical billing and coding services to Offshore Medical Billing?

  • HIPAA compliant Medical Billing
  • Affordable Medical Billing, Medical Coding and Transcription Services
  • Faster Reimbursement
  • Experienced Medical Coders and Medical Billing Specialists
  • Professional & economical Medical Billing Services
  • Streamline your workflow and allow you to focus on patient care
  • Cut your costs for medical billing and coding
  • Cleanup Old AR
  • Quick Turnaround Time

The basic aim is of any medical billing company is to process super bills and submitting medical claims to insurance companies. It requires great attention for details, quick processing, and adherence to norms to ensure minimal claim denials. A good amount of medical practice income is lost due to medical billing errors like Under Pricing, Under Coding, and Missed Charges. Offshore Medical Billing is right option for medical billing and coding services.

Offshore Medical Billing, have highly dedicated professionals and coders providing complete medical billing services with the use of state-of-the art technology.

One of the special features of our outsourcing medical billing and coding services is software compatibility. We have the suitable technological expertise and supporting professionals to integrate with leading medical billing software systems. Our custom tailored solutions will attend to the business and financial aspects of your practice leaving you enough time to attend your patients and office. We work closely with you using a secure, reliable and scalable computing and communication system to ensure data privacy and services continuity.

If you would like to outsource medical billing and coding requirements to us, please feel free to Contact us.